Thursday, 17 September 2009


Karma is a word used to encompass everything that anyone has ever done or will do. Your own karma is your unfinished business with others as well as with yourself. It is the natural law that brings you into physical life and takes you out of it; life itself is actually a factory manufacturing karma.

Karma basically is a result of our actions in this and previous existences. Karma, is then the key to reincarnation since it holds that our future lives are determined by our deeds and actions in any one incarnation.

Each and every act receives its retribution in this sense, no matter how many lifetimes it may take; for karma is also concerned with the search for perfection. Each lifetime produces a credit of good deeds offset by other that are no necessarily evil although, in some lives, evil seem to dominate.

This concept defeats the notion of sceptics that if we accept reincarnation, we simple sit around waiting for another life, hoping that everything will come up roses. On the contrary, the learning process involved in karma implies personal responsibility for each and every act. If we do not care properly about the quality of our lives, then karma reiterates its lesson until we begin to understand the need to change our way of life and conscientiously strives to do so.

- Source Unknown 

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