Tuesday, 1 December 2009


If we say that God exists, we are right: yet if we say that He does not, we too are not wrong. For in the first place, concepts are always concepts. Reality and concepts may be allied but can reality be different? For example the blind man who feels the elephant trunk may think that an elephant is like a snake. The one who feel the flank will have the concept that it is a wall. God is neither merely a force nor merely a being. It would be wise for those in search of truth to either adopt the attitude that HE exists or that HE does not exist. It is no sense for us to argue till kingdom comes on the question of God’s existence for so long as we are limited to the conscious mind and its five senses, we are like blind men feeling the elephant. For without the divine eye or the sixth sense, we are in no position to proof conclusively this or that.

From the foregoing, you would therefore understand why Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Hinduism all serve the same purpose. They are only superficialities to attract various types of people into religious life so that the more progressive oriented religionist could proceed to seek what is the core behind the religions – namely the inner truth. The prophets or saints know very well that reality could never be presented to us directly because each and everyone of us has to attain the sixth sense – the third eye or what is known as the sense of the subconscious. So our prophets have their ways. 

Religion or concepts are presented to us. They are far from reality but they are within the grasp and realization of the five senses. They serve only to attract us into religious life, so that we would then realize truth through attainment of the sixth sense. In short, the not-so-real or rather unreal (religions) are presented to us so that we could through them realize what is real. Our five senses perceive the unreal, but with attainment of the sixth sense, we realize the real.

- Author Unknown 

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