Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Nature of God

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It is sometimes thought that the subject of God is not one for general discussion, since who can say with any certainty what God is or is not? In the endless debates on the nature of God, is there really a clear picture of the Creator in the eyes of the people? Even among the so-called experts, there is no agreement or any likelihood of agreement about this most profound of all subjects. Yet it is a matter that deeply concerns all thinking individuals. “Is there a God?” or “Who is God?” Certainly, the mystically inclined individual is one who seeks to know or become aware of God.

Mysticism is “the intimate and direct awareness of God or the Cosmic through self, that is, through the domain of the subconscious. The ideal of mysticism is the ultimate attainment of conscious union with the Absolute, or the Cosmic.”

Yet even though we are able to become quite accomplished in concentration, meditation, and psychic development, this does not mean we will have an intimate awareness of God, because other essential ingredients are needed. One of these important conditions is an unselfish, spiritually centred attitude of mind when we prepare for communion with the Divine Consciousness.

We cannot approach the Divine Essence of the Cosmic with anything but the most sanctified thought and purpose, and to do this we must have a deep love and reverence for God. Trying to sense the presence of God as a mental exercise will prove very disappointing, yet many attempt this, because they have not yet learned how to express the divine love which lies dormant in their hearts and only awaits release and recognition. When one can truly love in the cosmic sense, the presence of God is a factor of daily experience in our lives. For these few life has a new, different, and beautiful meaning. But it can be shared by all of us once we learn the technique of communion.

This technique consists of practicing meditation; holding sanctified thoughts and prayerful attitudes; developing a deep love for God and the Cosmic so as to condition our thought into the purest ideals; and lastly, and most importantly, having a persistent desire to find, to know, and to love God more and more deeply.

If we can follow these simple but necessary steps, we will experience the most profound awareness of the Divine Essence of God. But we must also be patient; we cannot force the issue or be insistent in any way. We should only pray that the Cosmic will make us worthy of such a contact.

It has been said that one of the essential ingredients in this search for God is the expression of divine love. In fact, we would say it is most important aspect needed. Love is a subject which has been written and spoke about for centuries, but how many do you know who radiate love and harmony at all times?

A great Love 

We must uplift our thought and consciousness to a point of attunement or harmony with the inner self. Thus occurs a deep awareness of one’s God Consciousness, the Divine Consciousness residing within each of us. No ordinary thought or meditation will achieve this. It requires that we have an unselfish, spiritually centred attitude of mind and that we sincerely feel in our hearts and minds a great love and purity of thought during our attunement. Obviously, considerable preparation is needed to bring about this attitude of mind, and the one thing that will bring us success is the spirit of Love.

Love, then, is not only the key to our attunement with the Divine; it also allows the attainment of great psychic and spiritual power and insight that we can use for the benefit of man.

It is important to realize that life, like attunement with the Divine Consciousness, does not come suddenly like a flash of inspiration. Rather it grows in our hearts gradually, its development depending upon our experiences, our attitude to life and other people, and the extend and depth of our desire. It takes many years of devotion and a full and useful life to begin to awaken the spirit of love that lies within each of us, but which we imprison because of a sense of fear and embarrassment in expression our true inner feelings and emotions.

We have all been conditioned to believe that it is wrong, weak and unmanly to express such real feelings and emotions and we feel compelled to hide and suppress these feelings. Yet the inner self strives to express and reveal our deepest emotions, thus a condition of conflict is created that prevents the realization of the spirit of love which the soul within seeks to express.

We are taught to be critical, to find fault, to put our own selfish interest before others. This is the antithesis of the soul’s desire to find love and harmony, to see beauty and joy in life. Until we begin this change in our thinking and feeling, love will be a prisoner within. But when we realize that this great power is waiting to express itself and we cooperate with the urges of the self within, the force of love will begin to unfold in our hearts and a spiritual power will be born.

As this natural force of love begins to grow within our consciousness, a number of changes take place in our character and behaviour as well as in our most intimate thoughts. We are not affected by the disturbing experiences as we formerly were. We become more aloof from the sordid and vulgar things of life.

When we decide to make the effort to express and give ourselves unselfishly, the road to spiritual development will open up before you. It is then that experiences will come that will inspire, ennoble, and uplift us so as to initiate and prepare us for greater service.

Such a decision, and its consequent development, will bring us closer to God and it will perhaps lead to an initiatic experience of the very presence of the Creator, which will make an indelible impression upon us. Words can never describe the beauty and wonder of the mystical experiences that can come to those who have become worthy of such contacts with the Cosmic. With this development we come to know God is love and love is God, and our progress on the path of unselfish service is assured.

- Robert E. Daniels 

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