Thursday, 28 January 2010

Man’s Greatest Power

Dynamic mind 
There is one power or energy possessed by man that is greater than any of the physical ones that the strongest in brute strength has ever exerted or that the natural forces of the universe have ever made manifest. That supreme of all forces is the creative power of man’s mind. 

If we will think but a moment, we will be impressed with the fact that the creative power of man’s mind is the only power in the universe within the control of man that is wholly and completely unlimited. It is not bound in its physical applications by time or space, by fortitude or resistance. It is not bound in its directional application by any of the physical limitations of matter or by any of the dimensional qualities of matter. It is not bound by the traditions of the past, the possibilities of the present, or the feasibilities of the future. It is unlimited in its scope, increasingly dynamic through its use, and inexhaustible in its supply. It is more tangible to those who use it than any of the other forces of the universe. On the other hand, it is invisible and intangible in its process. 

The creative power of man’s mind needs no mechanical channels through which to disperse itself and no artificially created accumulators to hold it. It is available night and day in all places and for all purposes. 

While the physical eyes of man, and the greatest of his creations, can see but darkly and dimly through the material things of life, the creative power of his mind can enable him to see through the thickest walls, through the most opaque objects, through the densest of matter, through that which even the rays of the sun and the rays of electricity cannot penetrate. Although man must be physically present in any place to exert the physical energy of his body, he can be distantly absent from an object which he wishes to affect by the power of his mind. 

Whereas man can physically deal only with those things which he has created or is now creating, or with those things which already exist, the power of his mind can deal with uncreated things in the physical world. It can constantly create them in mental form and work with them, even though invisible and unseen to the physical eye. Although man’s physical creations must ever take into consideration the physical laws, such as that of weight, the push and pull of gravitation, the three dimensions of matter, and the chemical nature of things, man’s creative power is unaffected by these laws and principles. 

Man’s creative mind can do the impossible things as viewed by the physical senses. This marvelous mental power can build a castle of stone and steel and suspend it in mid-air with stability and dependability. 

The creative power of man’s mind can span the oceans in the twinkling of an eye; it can annihilate space and neutralize time. It can project itself through the most defiant and resistant creations of the physical world. It can foresee and pre-create the things of tomorrow and the things of a century hence. It can wipe away instantly and without a moment’s hesitation the false creations of the past and the things which man labored for years to construct. It can view a material thing and deny its existence and have it disappear from its inner sight. It can create beauty where beauty does not exist. It can paint with colors where no colors are seen. 

Man’s mind can transmute metals and change one form into another. It can take the wealth of the world and bring it to the feet of the needy. It can cure disease. It can mend broken bones. It can restore lost limbs and raised the dead. It can solve every earthly problem, dissolve mountains into valleys, and raise mountains into high plateaus. It can neutralize trails and tribulations into joy and into happy song. It can turn hate into love and enmity into friendship, jealousy into adoration, and evil into good. 

Why, then, has man failed to become the conqueror of the world and the Divine Master of the whole of his life? If man possesses this sublime and supreme of all powers, why is he then found in grief and sorrow, want and need? The reason is not that with some the power of the mind is wanting, nor that with the altitude it is not ever available: it is that man fails to give recognition to this power and to its application. 

Even here man himself can use the very power to overcome that which has kept him from its use. If it is but knowledge of the power the way to apply it that is wanting in the life of man, then the power itself can be used to overcome these obstacles and to break away these barriers and to destroy these limitations. In whatever position man may be in life, the creative power of his mind is available to him if he but calls upon it to help him remove the barriers that stand between him and its useful application. 

Today’s need 
Therefore, lift yourself up to the mastership that can be yours through the use of this magnificent power. Let the greatest of all forces in the universe serve you and do your bidding. As you think and create in your mind, so shall you build and accomplish and bring into realization. If to you there comes the belief that your mental creations cannot be transferred into actual realities, you can still use the creative power of mind to overcome this false belief, and to prove to yourself that what you will to be will become manifested. 

What the world needs today in this new cycle of advancing civilization is a new race and a new age of peoples who will create with the greatest of all creative powers the things that are supreme and are the most essential in the life of man. What man needs today more than anything else, is self-mastership so that he may no longer be a dependent slave suffering under the limitations of his possessions and wanting the things that seem to be impossible of possession. Let the new urge in your lives be an urge of dominant control through unlimited creation and by the application of this unlimited power. 

Of all the creatures living and having their existence in the life of God, man alone possesses this greatest of creative powers. It cannot be that God has given to man this ability to mentally create, to mentally foresee and fore-build the things of tomorrow, without having intended that these things be realized in their fullest degree. If man in the past has pinned his faith to the material world and has believed that only those things which are created of matter and through the forces or energies of nature are real and actual, it is no credit to him that he has thus limited his world of existence to mere physical form. 

It is time now that he should lift himself beyond the physical world and find that in the spiritual, mental world, in the etheric existence around him, he can build and create, have and enjoy, the things that are beyond the physical – the things that are more essential, more real and dependable, than any that the atoms of nature or the electrons of spirit can created. It is time that man frees himself from the wholly fictitious, the truly unreasonable, the cosmically unsound, and the inadequate creations of the physical world. 

The most pleasant, the most satisfying, the most enjoyable, and the most needful things of our physical existence are merely pleasures of the flesh. They are all sycophantic in their appeal to the sensuous part of our natures. Man has ignored the fact that the only laughter that has ever given him real joy, the only happiness that has mad him feel the sunshine of life, the only food that has ever satisfied a real hunger, the only wealth that has ever given him any degree of relief from want, has been that which appealed to the spirit and mind within him rather than to the flesh of his body. 

Why not, then, lift yourself above and beyond the continued satisfaction of physical wants, while you are suffering the limitations of physical things, and use the great power within the purpose of creating in reality and turning into actuality the things that will bring real life, real happiness, and real mastership. Let your life henceforth be one of living realism through the creative power within you that knows no limitations and finds its source in the goodness of God’s love. 

- Dr. H. Spencer Lewis 

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