Saturday, 22 January 2011


There is a force in nature, invisible and imperceptible to most of modern humankind, which plays a vital role in health and healing. This force has been called many things – Universal Life Force, ‘Chi’, pure Consciousness, Prana…… Regardless of what you choose to call it, this inexplicable source of life courses through all things and in doing so produces an outer energy field referred to as the ‘aura’. And it is this which allows you to interact on a non-physical level with all things. - Unknown 

All things, including all the landforms, oceans and living things on earth, the earth itself and all heavenly bodies … are the products of changing states of Chi. The current universe is a state in the endless progression of changing Chi. This changing chi has its definite principles, order and laws. The cause of this changing chi is its intrinsic nature of opposing yet complementary yin-yang. - Cheng Yi Shan

The will is the commander of Chi. Chi is the totality of the body. - Mencius
Explanation : -
Our will power can control the flow of energy. When we think of a certain organ or area of our body, energy will flow to that part. Energy is the basic ingredient of our whole body. All our organs, tissues and cells as well as all our physiological functions and metal activities are the products of energy.

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