Friday, 21 January 2011

Vital Energy

In Chinese, it is known as Chi 

Vital energy is always there. It runs through all of life. It connects our bodies with our minds and souls. It links us with other people, with our homes and nature, with the universe and with the highest spiritual power. 

When our own vital energy is moving smoothly and serenely through us, we can enjoy radiant good health, abundant vitality and a sense of ease in our bodies. Our relationships become honest, exciting and supportive. Our homes become places of serenity and joy, filled with a warm, embracing atmosphere. We start to feel a link of kinship with the whole of creation – from urban cityscape to the wild elements of nature. Work and play become intermingled – fulfilling, exciting and creative. Best of all, we no longer feel alone in a large, often frightening universe: we become linked to spirit, joined to the source of all energy.

When our vital energy is sluggish or unawakened, life seems dull or difficult. We seem to move thorough life as if through treacle. Relationships seem difficult; we feel constantly under par in our bodies; work is a chore; our homes never feel quite right. On the other hand, if our energy is running out of control, life is a roller-coaster: we feel constantly stressed and strained, our nerves jangle, we seem to exist in a melee of arguments and irritability. 

However, once we start to recognize vital energy and begin to work with it, everything can change. Our lives can take on fresh meaning and purpose. 

The key to getting the very best out of life lies in understanding and working with this energy.

- Author Unknown 

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