Friday, 13 November 2015

Food for Thought - The Book

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'Food for Thought' is another compilation from my collection of quotes. The quotes here are a bit longer than the usual single or two lines proverbs, aphorisms, maxims or axioms. Hence, I called them 'Food for Thought'
There is a lesson, a message in every one of these quotes. Sometimes the meaning might not be obvious until you have read it a couple of times and pondered upon it for a while, and sometimes the meaning becomes clear only after you have undergone certain life experiences.
Life is short and we do not have enough time to learn all the lessons in life by ourselves. However, we can get a head start in life, by paying heed to the words of wisdom, and advice of the wise people before us.
Quotes reinforce our thoughts, ideas, beliefs and opinions. And it is a nice feeling when we find our thoughts or opinions expressed by someone else more eloquently.
The beauty about Quotes is that they never go out of date. They are timeless – as applicable today and hereafter as when they were first uttered, some of them were spoken centuries ago.

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