Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Borrowing - Quotes

A borrowed cloak does not keep one warm. - Egyptian Proverb

A borrowed garment never sets well. - English Proverb

A borrowed horse and your own spurs make short miles. - Danish Proverb

Before borrowing money from a friend it's best to decide which you need most. - Joe Moore

Borrowing is the most expensive form of financing. - Unknown

Borrowing may do for once, but make it not a custom. - J. P. Bishop

Have a horse of thine own and thou mayst borrow another's. - Welsh Proverb

He who prefers to give Linus the half of what he wishes to borrow, rather than to lend him the whole, prefers to lose only the half. - Martial

Home life ceases to be free and beautiful as soon as it is founded on borrowing and debt. - Henrik Ibsen

If you would keep your poverty a secret, neither borrow nor beg. - E. P. Day

If you would know the value of money, go and try to borrow some; for he that goes a borrowing goes a sorrowing. - Benjamin Franklin

It is a fraud to borrow what we are unable to pay. - Publilius Syrus

It is better to return a borrowed pot with a little something you last cooked in it. - Native American Proverb

It is difficult to begin without borrowing, but perhaps it is the most generous course thus to permit your fellow-men to have an interest in your enterprise. - Henry David Thoreau

Let us not bankrupt our todays by paying interest on the regrets of yesterday and by borrowing in advance the troubles of tomorrow. Ralph W. Sockman

Neither a borrower nor a lender be; for loan oft loses both itself and friend.- William Shakespeare

Never spend anything before thou have it; for borrowing is the canker and death of every man's estate. - Sir Walter Raleigh

No remedy against this consumption of the purse; borrowing only lingers and lingers it out, but the disease is incurable. - William Shakespeare

One who borrows brews his own trouble. - American Proverb

Seek not to shine by borrow'd lights alone. - Juvenal

The borrower is a servant to the lender. - Proverbs 22:7

When you borrow on your character, it is your character that you leave in pawn. - Edward Bulwer Lytton

Who builds his house with other people's money is as one who gathers stones for his own sepulchre. - Apocrypha

Who goeth a borrowing, goeth a sorrowing. - Thomas Tusser

Who wants to borrow, should come tomorrow. - Yiddish Proverb

You should only attempt to borrow from those who have but few of this world's goods, as their chests are not of iron, and they are, besides, anxious to appear wealthier than they really are. - Heinrich Heine

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