Saturday, 29 October 2016


            I got a very favourable review for my book 'Parables'. I am very pleased! Thank you Peter Gregory!

            'Parables' eBook is available here

            Wish I’d taken in & learned from these parables when I was younger- much younger!
            This book of parables won’t take you long to read, and one or two may bring you close to tears: I reckon it’s taught me far more than any “How to win friends and influence people” books. Just one thing though- I reckon you have to be open minded so that you can look back on life’s events so far and see how a better handling of situations would have had a much improved outcome, and heck- what’s the meaning of life if it isn’t to put plenty in, to get back up after life’s knocks, learn lessons, improve ourselves, let go, move on and get the maximum out of life.
            I read it three times, and mostly I thought of events in my life where applying these lessons would have prevented my screwing up- like I did! How many times did I get angry at perceived injustices- being cheated or wrongly attacked, get knocked down by seemingly negative events out of my control, become bitter at “betrayals”? A lot! It’s made me reflect on my life- I’ll still make mistakes but I swear I’ll use this stuff to pause, think things through, decide, then move on and learn- ready for the next challenge!! - Peter Gregory

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