Friday, 30 December 2016

Day - Quotes

Be reverent towards each day. Love it, respect it, do not sully it, do not hinder it from coming to flower. - Romain Rolland

Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. - Charles Richards

Each new day is a sequel of a wonderful life; gifted with hopes to succeed. - Aniruddha Sastikar

Each new day offers the chance to start afresh, to achieve those things you most desires. - Steven Redhead

Every day above earth is a good day. - Ernest Hemingway

Make sure that you use every day that you get in life for good things that build you up. We only have a few years here so let’s make sure we make the most of it. - Terrence Lou

One can make a day of any size, and regulate the rising and setting of his own sun and the brightness of its shining. - John Muir

Some days are just bad days, that’s all. You have to experience sadness to know happiness, and I remind myself that not every day is going to be a good day, that’s just the way it is! - Dita von Teese

Some days seem to fit together like a stained glass window. A hundred little pieces of different color and mood that, when combined, create a complete picture. - Maggie Stiefvater

Stop waiting for a better day to come. Live in the moment and enjoy it and today will become the day you have been waiting for. - Unknown

The nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string. - L.M. Montgomery

This day is all that is good and fair. It is too dear, with its hopes and invitations, to waste a moment on the yesterdays. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life. - Unknown

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