Saturday, 21 January 2017

The Mystery of Life

I got a very nice preview for my book 'The Mystery of Life'. It is always nice to know that someone appreciates your book.

There are thousands of self help books available, but the problem is they’re all written by each individual author according to his/ her life experience, outlook and morals and so are limited to precisely that: you buy the book and it may not be for you- it may 'talk down to you' or not be relevant to your situation or simply be unrealistically unachievable or even uninspiring or unreadable.

What struck me as I read this book of quotes was that I’d never made it through ANY self-help book so far- their general tone was always too simplistic and patronising for me, yet I felt inspired by this book because it’s packed full of quotes, some cynical, most motivational, by such a range of people from a long time span and from all nations- many famous leaders, philosophers and writers- so I picked out the quotes which resonated with my own mood and needs and made a big effort to remember them to help me with the next lot of difficulties and challenges.

Every aspect of life- from its meaning to its philosophy- is covered here, so I’d say read this fab book of quotes and reflect on those which inspire you to get perspective about where you’re going and consider giving a copy to someone younger with the advice that when they’re feeling down, aimlessly drifting or unhappy with their job or with life in general, they read through it and reflect on how short life is, and how we need to make the most of it- to play the cards we are given to best advantage- I wish someone had bought me this book when I was in my teens- my life would have been very different!

I tried to pick one favourite quote but there are so many which inspire: I just feel that reading them is a great way to get out of depression or demotivational phases.

“By the time you learn the rules of life, you’re too old to play the game” (Greville Kliesser): sometimes it seems that so few win and so many play dirty!

Read the book and be inspired!

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