Tuesday, 8 August 2017


A flatterer never seems absurd: the flattered always takes his word. - Benjamin Franklin

Adroit observers will find that some who affect to dislike flattery, may yet be flattered indirectly, by a well-seasoned abuse and ridicule of their rivals. - Charles Caleb Colton

Although a skilful flatterer is a most delightful companion if you have him all to yourself, his taste becomes very doubtful when he takes to complimenting other people. - Charles Dickens

At its best, flattery is truth well dressed, and it is best dressed with fine see-through fabrics. Honest flattery can caress a lover, cover up a gaffe, and muffle aggression. - Willis Goth Regier

Because flattery can be abused, all flattery is suspicious, but that is not flattery's fault. It is a skill, a tool, no more nor less than speech is a tool; it can build or break. - Willis Goth Regier

Flattery corrupts both the receiver and the giver. - Edmund Brurke

Flattery is a sort of bad money to which our vanity gives currency. - Francois de la Rochefoucauld

Flattery is counterfeit, and like counterfeit money, it will eventually get you into trouble if you pass it to someone else. - Dale Carnegie

Flattery is like cologne water, to be smelt of, not swallowed. - Bob Philips

Flattery is often a traffic of mutual meanness, where, although both parties intend deception, neither are deceived; since words that cost little are exchanged for hopes that cost less. - Charles Caleb Colton

Flattery is refined deception – it is the froth of language – it is the alcohol of social intercourse – it is the prescription of the subtle – and the nectar of fools. - William Scott Downey

Flattery is sweet food to those who can swallow it. - Danish Proverb

Flattery succeeds best on minds previously occupied by conceit. - Norman MacDonald

He who says he hates all kinds of flattery, and says so in earnest, has undoubtedly not as yet become acquainted with all kinds of it, whether in substance or in form. - Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Heart-stopping envy is the sincerest form of flattery. - Anna Godbersen

If we look at flattery from a purely utilitarian perspective – that is, from the philosophical point of view that anything that boosts happiness is good and anything that detracts from it is bad – flattery is a good. When it works properly, flattery makes the subject of the flattery a little happier and it makes the flatterer a little happier. And that is true even when the flatteree is wise to the flatterer. - Richard Stengel

In the best, the friendliest and simplest relations flattery or praise is necessary, just as grease is necessary to keep wheels turning. - Leo Tolstoy

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