Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Rumours - Quotes

A plausible rumour seems a lot more believable than the truth itself. - Kobe Abe

A rumor – always efficacious in semi-literate societies. - Arthur F. Wright

A rumor always contains information of considerable interest. The teller is therefore the center of attention; and the listener, by his eagerness, magnifies the teller's feelings of importance. - H. G. Barnett

A rumor is a process of information processing as well as a process of interpretation and annotation. A rumor is a collective act to give unexplained facts a sense or meaning. - Mark Schindler

A rumor is like a check – never endorse it till you're sure it's genuine. - G. Kleiser

A rumor is like a snowball: It starts small, but it can pick up mass and momentum as it rolls down the hill until what began in a hushed tone ends with the roar of an avalanche. - Robert Menschel

Great rumors never die. Their flame flickers low for a while, like an inactive volcano, to reawaken another day. - Jean-Noel Kapferer

Malicious rumours can spread confusion. A careless remark can be as a cigarette butt casually tossed into the dumpster, smouldering until it bursts into flame and engulfs a neighborhood. - Margaret Atwood

Most rumors aren't true; but that's what makes them interesting. - Jerry Dampier

Old rumors never die; nor do they fade away. They simply lay dormant for a while until the next appropriate time appears. - Terry Ann Knopf

Our true friends will know a rumor isn't true, and our enemies will revel in the deceit. - Elizabeth Owens

People who spread rumors are like walking infections. The lying words from their mouths spread like disease from person to person. The only way to stop the disease is to keep your mouth shut. - Joyce Hansen

Rumors are compelling to the extent that they circulate in ways that can position their hearers and tellers in new and unexpected relation to what lies beyond them. To hear or relate a rumor is to pass on the possibility of something having happened or yet to happen and thereby claim for oneself a place within the circuit on which rumor travels. And by staking for oneself a position from which to imagine the potential occurrence of events (that is, events as they could have been or might be), one begins to share in the circulation of potentiality itself. - Vicente L. Rafael

Rumors are found wherever circumstances are ambiguous, issues are important, and critical ability is low. - Gary Alan Fine & Bill Ellis

Rumors are hearsay; they are told, believed, and passed on not because of the weight of evidence but because of the expectations by tellers that they are true in the first place. - Erich Goode & Nachman Ben-Yehuda

Rumors are like a disease epidemic.... Once they escape, they spread from person to person, often with deadly effect. Better to take simple initial precautions than be forced into eradication measures at a later date. - Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson

Rumors are like a flame blown by the wind. - Nellie Mae Batson

Rumors are like a snowball rolling down a mountain ... as it rolls it picks up speed and more and more snow. Soon it creates an avalanche destroying people or places and then there is no going back. - Freddy S. Zalta

Rumors are like being stabbed in the back. You're injured before you know what's happening. And while the knife might be pulled out later, it's going to leave a permanent scar. - Joe White

Rumors are like bushfires: It takes an errant spark to set them off but a couple of hundred firemen with fire-retardant helicopters to put them out. - Peter Lefcourt

Rumors are like homeless orphans hunting for shelter. They adapt themselves to fit any promising circumstance. - Stephen J. Cannell

Rumors are like lightning on summer tinder, producing flames that dance in flickering brilliance from person to person, sometimes flaring in great conflagrations of exaggeration before finally extinguishing themselves in the cold waters of fact. - Stephen Leigh

Rumors are like matter. They can't be destroyed. - John C. Mowen

Rumors are like mushrooms; they grow best in the dark. - Diane Hudson & Jan Simon

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