Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Love - a timeless topic. Much has been said and just as much has been written.

But what exactly is Love?

Love is an emotion which is part of the human build up. It is an intense feeling of liking for a person or an object. The intensity and strength of this emotion varies from person to person, and from object to object.

We all have the capacity to love, to give love - and we all need to be loved. However, like all things in life, love never remains the same for long. It is constantly changing. Sometimes it fades, sometimes it becomes stronger. People can fall quickly and deeply in love, and they can fall out of love, just as quickly and easily.

Since Love is an emotion, it can be controlled. Rein in your emotions. A sensible, practical attitude, and approach will allow you to enjoy this warm, fuzzy feeling call love, be it in giving or receiving – whether it is romantic love, love for a friend, parental love, sibling’s love or just simply the compassionate love of one human being for another.

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