Saturday, 2 June 2012


              Forgiveness is something that many people struggle with after someone has wrong them. We are programmed by television shows, movies, and those in our lives to get even or at least to hold grudges when someone has wronged us.
              This is wrong thinking and only does us more harm. I can pretty much guarantee you that the person who wronged you doesn't go around thinking about it daily, if at all. He is done with it. He did what he did and moved on.
              When you continue to remember and playback how he hurt you, you only allow his actions to continually hurt you time and time again. Thinking of how you will get even doesn’t hurt him, it only robs you of your peace of mind. Forgiveness ends this cycle of pain and renders his actions powerless. Do yourself a favour – forgive and continue on your path. - Bohdi Sanders

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Belinda said...

Good advice; but don't forget.