Saturday, 25 May 2013


It’s a fine thing to rise above pride, but you must have pride in order to do so. - Georges Bernanos

Live according to the ethics of excellence, and you can always stand proud. Pride – not vanity, but dignity and self-respect – should carry a lot of weight in helping you make decisions. Let pride help you decide. - Price Pritchett

Of all the causes which conspire to blind Man’s erring judgment, and misguide the mind; What the weak head with strongest bias rules, is pride, the never-failing vice of fools. - Alexander Pope

One of the best temporary cures for pride and affection is seasickness; a man who wants to vomit never puts on airs. - Josh Billings

Pride costs us more than hunger, thirst, and cold. - Thomas Jeffeson

Pride is tasteless, colorless, and sizeless. Yet it is the hardest thing to swallow. - August B. Black

Pride sullies the noblest character. - Claudius

Though pride is not a virtue, it is the parent of many virtues. - M. C. Collins

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