Thursday, 1 November 2007

Welcome to my Blog

Dear Friends and Netizens,

First of all, a big welcome to my Blog on this Auspicious Day!

Many of you will wonder what this Blog will be about. Well, as the title suggests, it will be about This Wonder-ful Life.

There will always be periods of sunshine and periods of storm in our lives. Still, if we were to sit back and look at our surroundings, we will see the Wonders of Mother Nature. Watch closely, listen carefully, and think profoundly. Therein lies the answers to this existence called Life. When you comprehend Mother Nature, life takes on a new meaning. You will find peace in your life, and joy in living.

As I am not very good with words, I will be using 'the next best thing' - anecdotes, parables, maxims, aphorisms, proverbs and quotes to get my message across.

I hope this Blog with be interesting enough to keep you coming back. And if you know of anyone who might appreciate a Blog of this nature, please tell them about it.

To start off, I have this parable to share:-

A man saw a butterfly struggling to break free from its cocoon. His kind and compassionate nature prompted him to help the butterfly with its struggle, freeing it from the cocoon. To his amazement, the butterfly flapped its wings a couple of times and dropped to the ground, unable to take flight.

What the man didn’t realize was that it is the process of struggling free from the cocoon that gives the butterfly its strength, so that it can then take flight immediately.

When I first read this parable, I thought what great lessons this teaches us about our struggles in life. Firstly, though tedious and difficult at times, struggles are part and parcel of life. They make us strong so that we are better prepared for life. Secondly, one cannot force nor hasten the scheme of things in nature. Things happen when the time is right. And thirdly, while we might like to help, sometimes we have to let people fight their own battles.


graemw said...

Try again-----first one disappeared but probally due to my computer inadequacy.

Congratulations on eventually getting your Blog up! And how pertinent was the Butterfly parable. Interestingly my mother taught me about not assisting the emerging butterfly way back in my childhood ---sans the associated parable tho!
good luck

Netizen101 said...

Dear Graem,

Thank you for your comments.
Glad that you find the Butterfly parable pertinent.