Tuesday, 15 April 2008


It's 2 weeks since I arrived in Palm Harbor, a quiet town in Tampa, Florida. I am visiting and staying with a friend this time. As a friend said, it is a homestay holiday.

So far, it has been a relaxing, lazy holiday – shopping, eating, drinking and / or laying by the pool. The weather has been wonderful. What more can one on a holiday ask for?


Keith said...

Hello Vincent,

Glad to hear you're having a goodtime in Florida....Tampa (Cigar City)...maybe you'll meet Monica Lewinsky...see you when you you're back...have fun....


Celular said...

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Netizen101 said...

Hello Keith,

Thanks for dropping by. :-)
Catch up with you soon.


Netizen101 said...

Hello Celular,

Thanks for your comments.
For some reason, I wasn't able to locate your blog. A message said it has been removed.