Sunday, 4 May 2008

I Am Back

Much as I enjoyed my holidays, it is always nice to come home. Humble as it may be, home is where the heart is – home, sweet home!

Arrived in Singapore - Changi Airport, at 10 minutes to midnight on Thursday, first of May. An uneventful, but long and tedious journey. It was a twenty-nine hours journey, from airport to airport, including lay-overs. Really exhausted by the time I arrived home.

On the whole, it was a very enjoyable, and relaxing home-stay holiday - thanks to the hospitality of my friends. I stayed with friends in Palm Harbour, Tampa – Florida. An affluent but small and quiet town, where the average age of the population is over forty years.

The whole holiday was generally, eating, drinking, sleeping, lazing by the pool and a little shopping. The weather was wonderful. I was told this is the best time to visit.

Did not do much sight-seeing this trip. I did however, went to an Air Show which happened to be on. And on another occasion, I visited Universal Studios. That was interesting.

Now that holidays are over, it is back to reality. Give me some time to settle down, and to settle any outstanding matters, and I will be back with more postings.


Keith said...

Welcome back Vinny! See you out and about. -Keith

Netizen101 said...

Thanks Keith,

Catch up with you at some point.:-)