Monday, 11 January 2010

Best Cure For A Hangover? Time

Still feeling the effects of last night’s revelry? Then remember this the next time you imbibe alcohol: There is only one hangover cure. Time

The trick to avoiding the morning after is to drink lots of water, avoid darker liquors and not to go too crazy in the first place, said Los Angeles Times report.

Hangovers are caused by alcohol poisoning (and symptoms will not dissipate until your body metabolises all of the booze swimming through your bloodstream and gets its physiology back to normal.

Because alcohol is a depressant, your nerves react to compensate and the result is painful sensitivity to light and sound when you wake up in the morning.

The dehydration, thanks to the alcohol’s diuretic properties, does not help much either. Furthermore, the hangover symptoms are made worse by congeners or particles created by the fermentation process that give different spirits their unique colour and flavour. 

So nothing can really speed up that alcohol elimination process, though some think that eating food can goad the metabolism into speeding things up. Others swear by exercise, fresh air, sleep, coffee and even another alcoholic drink.

However, in a 2005 paper in the medical journal BMJ, the scientists who reviewed these options said: “Our findings show that no compelling evidence exists to suggest that any complementary or conventional intervention is effective for treating or preventing the alcohol hangover. The most effective way to avoid the symptoms of alcohol induced hangover is to practise abstinence or moderation.”

- The Los Angeles Times 

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