Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Full Moon Lunacy – The Magnetic Moon

The word lunacy comes from the notion of ‘moon-madness’. Recent reports suggest that psychoses do peak at the moon’s full-phase. 

Scientists believe that the full moon exerts an influence over life on earth. Investigations have unanimously confirmed that the moon has a mysterious “pull” on the potential criminals, causing them to commit some of the most horrendous crimes in the world. 

Perhaps, in the context of the full moon theory, it can be explained that the fanatics responsible for the killings must be under the influence of the approaching full moon. The effect of the full moon on their bio-rhythm must be so strong that it caused them to lash out their macabre monstrosity on the unsuspecting victims. 

It was also discovered that on any full moon or bright moon nights, the mental or psycho patients would suddenly become very fidgety and violent for no apparent reason. 

The magnetic force of the moon, although comparatively weak, does exert certain influence on the human body, disturbing the rhythm of a person’s sentiment and temperament. Findings also show that if there is high humidity or dampness on the night of the full moon, then more acts of violence will be committed. 

Scientists have also found out that there is a close affinity between the mode of our sleep and the ebb, or flow of the tides. The tides are found to be under the influence of the moon. It has been discovered that when excessive disturbances have been inflicted on those who suffer from insomnia on the full moon night, they are liable to be violent and prone to commit acts of violence. 

The above findings by the scientists have caused many to loose faith in the moon as a beautiful, mystical and serene planet. In the past, the moon has been traditional linked with romance and the mysteries of the moon have aroused the sexual passion of earthly creatures. 

One anthropologist who had made an exclusive study of the life and social activities of a village disclosed that such activities seemed to be more vigorous during the full moon period. The youths from this village tended to be more passionate and amorous. Erotic scenes could be seen in the love parks. 

It was also discovered that not only human beings are subjected to the direct influence of the full moon, but animals are also affected. The barking of dogs are found to be more strident on full moon nights. Even the fishes and sea animals are found to be more active and vibrant during the nights when the moon shines the brightest. 

The close proximity of the moon to the earth and the mutual attraction of both bodies have resulted in many unusual phenomena in the midst of our ordinary lives on earth. Though there is no universal acceptance of this hypothesis, yet the modest, or perhaps the massive researches have shown that the moon’s inherent celestial power will continue to exert its influence to cause havoc and horror on earth. 

- Author Unknown 

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