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Self Healing

This article is more for the student of mysticism, spirituality, and alternative healing. But if you have an open mind, you might find this interesting. There is certainly no harm in following the steps to self heal - if you should want to try it. 

Anyone who has had treatment from a metaphysician realizes that such a physician always insists that the patient aid in the cure of a condition if the most efficient results are to be obtained. It is possible to change the physical body without the knowledge of the patient, and therefore without his cooperation. It is equally true that such a method takes longer and is more difficult. 

In many cases, had the patient attempted to do something for himself at the very beginning, he would quickly have found there was no necessity for asking for outside help. 

The first consideration in self-healing is to recognize the law that every mental or physical manifestation of illness is only a culminating outer manifestation of something that has occurred previously within. It matters little what the condition is. 

The primary cause for all abnormal or subnormal mental and physical conditions in the human body is lack of attunement with the creative, constructive, harmonious forces of nature. We have a brief term for the condition: out of harmony. Perfect health we call a condition of harmonium. This lack of attunement and harmony is the primary physical cause; yet there is another cause even more remote than this. This is the mental or physic cause. This cause will be found in the mind of the patient, or in other words, in his mental and psychic attitude previous to the inharmonious condition. 

The moment we allow ourselves to think or talk about anything of an envious, jealous, revengeful, critical, or destructive nature the mental attitude is out of harmony with the Divine Mind. The next result will be a lack of harmony in the physical forces of the body with the physical forces of the universe. Such a state invariable results in the physical forces of the body becoming somewhat destructive or inharmonious, and in some part of the body an outer manifestation will gradually occur. A person may be convinced that losing one’s temper is disastrous to the nerves and blood of the body and is sure to produce a physical or mental reaction. Yet he does not realize that when thoughts are unkind, critical, or destructive, they are sure to bring a reaction in the mental and physical states of the body. 

Inharmonious Attitudes 
Whenever a man or women spends any thought energy in venting his wrath, criticism, or unkind remarks toward any individual or group, sooner or later the reaction from this inharmonious attitude produces a physical or mental condition that is more or less serious. The person who believes someone has done him an injustice and feels he must make critical remarks about him, or who constantly finds an opportunity to tear someone to pieces, is sure to bring ill-health and often ill fortune into his life. It is a metaphysical fact that for each minute of time spent by man in thoughts of unfavorable impressions, unkind criticism, or hate toward any person, there will be hours of physical and mental suffering as a reaction. 

The thing to do then is to immediately eliminate any negative thoughts and replace them with love and kindness instead. The poison from the mind that has been eating at the very heart of every cell in your body must be eliminated before any treatment can be given to relieve the ultimate and outer manifestations. Any other process is merely treating the outer manifestations as though giving them a drug to nullify the senses without removing the actual cause. 

Therefore after analyzing your inner self and discovering what destructive thoughts you have actually held, purge yourself of any possible poison by holding thoughts of love, goodness, kindness, and spiritual oneness with all human beings and with every living thing on the face of the earth. Fill yourself with the thought that all is good, everyone is loving and kind, and that none are bad, only different, and that no one is evil, for all are Children of Light and Children of the Cosmic. 

Restoring Harmony 
If you have felt otherwise toward anyone, immediately send him good thoughts and try to undo the evil or unkind thoughts you have held in your mind. If you are dissatisfied with any condition, any group of persons, any action on the part of anyone, immediately purge that from your mind by reversing your opinion and filling your being with thoughts of toleration, sympathy, kindness, and love. To the degree that you eliminate this mental poison within your own being, to the same degree you remove the cause for any condition from which you are suffering at the present time. 

The next step is to assist nature in the physical purging of the bodily condition. Several fundamentals must be considered in this process. First, since all life force of a constructive nature comes through the air we breathe, the patient should at once begin to breathe deeply of good fresh air. Go to a window or out in the open a few minutes of each hour and take many deep breaths, holding them as long as possible, and exhaling as greatly as possible. This will change the air in the lungs and allow new vitality and powers of the cosmic vibrations to enter the lungs and carry on nature’s vitalizing processes. 

Five or ten minutes of such deep breathing every one hour with the chest thrown out and lungs expanded to the utmost will be wonderful help. If the breathing can be done in the sunshine and with the head thrown back so that the sun’s rays will enter the open mouth and strike against the walls of the throat for a moment or two of each hour, it will be especially helpful. 

After that take a drink of fresh water. It need not be purified in any special way. Use ordinary drinking water, cool enough to be enjoyable. Drink one or two glasses every hour until the physical condition is changed. Nature requires the water and the elements in it in conjunction with the air you breathe to carry on her reconstructive processes. You cannot overdo drinking water, even if you consume three or four quarts in a day. It will flush the kidneys, bowels, and bladder, and it is like internal bathing. 

Nature’s Work 
Then sit down or lie down in a relaxed manner and give nature every opportunity for reconstruction, instead of expending energy in moving about or doing unnecessary work. Resting the body and relaxing it, with the eyes closed and with that thought of peace and nothing else in the mind, will give nature the opportunity to carry out the work of the Cosmic in changing your physical condition. Do not concentrate your thoughts upon the nature of your illness, its location, or its pathological or histological cause in a physiological sense, or in the diagnosis that a physician or a friend has given. All of these mean nothing to nature and the Cosmic, and should mean nothing to you. 

While you are relaxed, bring your finger tips together leaving the hands separated. This will short-circuit the emanations of energy from the fingers and prevent it from going off into space. It will keep the extra energy in your body from leaving, causing it to re-circulate through the body to help in healing and constructive work. If the feet are bare, allow them to touch each other while relaxing. 

If you are incline to fall asleep, keep in your mind the thought of peace and of the healing currents of the Cosmic passing through your body while you breathe. With only this thought in mind, allow yourself to sleep. Do not have anyone awaken you for drinking water or breathing exercises if you want to sleep more than an hour, for the sleep will be just as helpful, if not more so than drinking water each hour or the breathing. If you are awake, however, do not neglect these things. 

If you go to sleep at night and have a peculiar sensation around two or there o’clock in the morning that your temperature is rising, do no get up and attempt to make yourself cool or suddenly lower your temperature. Keep your self well covered and allow nature’s purging process through perspiration to continue. You will find that by sunrise or shortly thereafter the temperature will lower, and by seven or eight o’clock you will find a marvelous change in your condition. 

This may occur either the first, second or third night of your healing process, according to the seriousness of the condition, or its length of duration. In mild conditions, this may not occur at all, for it may not be necessary. If you have taken a drink of cold water just before retiring as should be done by every person carrying on any healing process of his own, this purging through an increased temperature during the night will be very beneficial, but it may not always occur. If one is under the care of a physician, he should continue such professional care in addition to the suggestions offered here. 

- Author Unknown

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