Friday, 29 October 2010

The Role of Spirituality

Fully functioning persons have a deep sense of spirituality. They know that the world in which they live cannot be explained or understood through human experience alone. They know that they must make the ‘mystical leap.’ They must go beyond themselves, beyond their limited reality. They have an inexplicable sense of something more. They feel a greater operative intellect than their own, even if they are at a loss to give it a name. They are aware of a great design, incessantly operative, in which all is compatible and in which there are no contradictions. 

Life offers us few explanations. We cannot be certain of the true meaning of life, the source of life nor life after life. Only we can fill the void which this incertitude creates. We can either accept in faith or select nothingness. Both are the same. Both will involve mind games, for neither offer definitive proofs. This does not mean that answers do not exist. 

Some of us are unable to live without answers. The void is too totally frightening, too devastating. So we must create answers for ourselves. 

Some of us choose to live without answers. We find them unnecessary. We live out our lives without asking questions, living into answers. 

Both ways require the creating of a belief system for which there is no validation. Either choice embodies a living sense of spirituality which arises from the affirmation of the self through personal choice itself.

Spirituality, faith and mystery are inherent in every aspect of life. 

To be in touch with nature, to feel deeply its moods, to experience fully its sorcery, to know how so-called ‘inanimate’ things work, is to become caught up in the spirituality and divinity of all things. 

The spirit of each person and thing is present even if we are too asleep to experience it, even if we deny its existence. Spirituality involves an awareness of all there is and an openness to what is not. It is the strength and fearlessness to allow ourselves to transcend reality and ourselves.

Fully functioning individuals know that it is this magic that gives life its spice, irradiates boredom and elevates existence beyond space and time. To be a fully functioning person is to reach out with total trust and touch the God of all things.

- Author Unknown 

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