Monday, 2 April 2018

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The person who gets stuck on petty happiness, will not attain great happiness. - Tibetan Proverb

The hardest person to awaken is the person already awake. - Tagalog Proverb

The lion believes that everyone shares his state of mind. - Mexican Proverb

The higher the monkey climbs, the more he shows his tail. - John Wycliffe

What good is running when you're on the wrong road. - German Proverb

The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world. - William Ross Wallace

The person afraid of bad luck will never know good. - Russian Proverb

The only thing that's certain is that nothing is for certain. - Joe Dubois

The frog enjoys itself in water but not in hot water. - African Proverb

The crab that walks too far, falls into the pot. - Haitian Proverb

Sorrow doesn't kill, reckless joy does. - West African Proverb

The honey is sweet but the bee has a sting. - Benjamin Franklin

The leopard does not change his spots. - William Shakespeare

Sorrow is to the soul, as worm is to wood. - Turkish Proverb

Tap even a stone bridge before crossing it. - Korean Proverb

The blind person is not afraid of ghosts. - Burmese Proverb

The fall of a leaf is a whisper to the living. - Danish Proverb

The bad ploughman quarrels with his ox. - Korean Proverb

What cannot be cured must be endured. - Edmund Spenser

The person sins, then blames Satan for it. - Afghan Proverb

The master of the people is their servant. - Yemeni Proverb

The second word makes the quarrel. - Japanese Proverb

Spending is quick; earning is slow. - Russian Proverb

The house of the loud talker, leaks. - African proverb

The mind is willing, but the flesh is weak. - Bible

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