Saturday, 19 July 2008

Class Reunion

Last Saturday, my past caught up with me, so to speak – all 38 years of it. It goes to show you can run but you can’t hide. And also what determination, inspiration, motivation, interest ... can do.

What happened was, my classmates from my Primary School days decided that they are going to have a class reunion. I never kept in touch with any of them, but they still managed to track me down - through the Yellow Pages. How could I have been so careless …

Of course, I was surprised by the call. When the idea of a class reunion was mentioned, I was quite excited about it – which in itself is rather odd for I am more of the Lone Ranger type of person, and not really into social gathering circles. But somehow, the idea of seeing my young friends from days gone by, 38 years later, sounds so exciting and too good a chance to pass up. I immediately said to include me in. 

I did wonder why the reunion, why now? Then again, I thought, why not? Most of us would be 50 years old or coming into 50 years old soon. And in fact, someone suggested that we should make it our 50 Years Old Birthday Celebration. 

Then I wonder how many of them really remember me. :-) Personally, I can remember most of them on the email list.

Later, I wonder how many people really want to know the Vincent now. Thinking thus, the euphoria of the past week has died now somewhat.

They have came up with a blog. I have added their blog address to my links. It’s Bukit Panjang English School or BPES for short. If you want to try and see what I looked like back in those days, please go ahead and see if you can find the young Vincent. Unfortunately the photos are a bit old and not in the best of conditions by now.

What can I remember of my Primary School days?

Nothing exciting really. There weren’t any highlights worth mentioning. I was the timid, country bumpkin, an awkward child, opinionated, stubborn, lazy, not the brightest crayon in the box, trying to fit in but not very successful at all. Even the school bully didn't think I was worth the trouble.

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