Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Security In An Uncertain World

Is there security in life? Unfortunately, the answer is No! There is no security in life. We are born, and we will definitely end up dead – one day – of this we may be certain. In between, we live our lives the best we can, the best we know how, without knowing what blows fate, destiny, or the future will dealt us. 

“Uncertainty” is the key word in our lives. We must live with uncertainty and steer our ship through life’s perilous paths. We must learn to master these dangers to the best of our ability, and still live contentedly.

There will always be moments of adversity hitting us from the external world, as well as self-doubts plaguing us from within. Life holds many surprises for us. Some pleasant, and some not so pleasant.

The real test of our friendship for ourselves is whether we rally to our own aid when we need the consoling sustenance of our best friend – US. When we are sure of this internal cushion in crisis, then we know how to be certain in this uncertain world.

In the ultimate analysis, we must be fair to ourselves and understand that everyone is on borrowed time, whether we are eight or eighty years old. 

Thus, it is more important to make our lives meaningful before our time is up, rather than to hold on too tightly to the security we thought we had but never did! And the early we realized this fact of life, the lesser will be our disappointment in life. 

Security … 

The only real security is not insurance or money or a job, not a house and furniture paid for, or a retirement fund, and never is it another person. It is the skill and humour and courage within, the ability to build your own fires and find your own peace. - Audrey Sutherland

The only real security that a man can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability. - Henry Ford

Our only security is our ability to change. - John Lilly

The ultimate security is your understanding of reality. - H. Stanley Judd 

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