Saturday, 1 November 2008

A Special Day

Today, I turned 50! That’s half a century! Wow!

No, there won’t be a big party, nor a big celebration. Like all previous occasions, events etc…the day was duly noted mentally but not celebrated. I think the only time I celebrated anything at all was when I turned 21 – the day I became an adult. After that, for some reason, I haven’t been able to summon the ‘Celebrative Spirit’. 

Perhaps it is because I am a firm believer that each day of our lives is as important as the other. Therefore, there is no need to celebrate a particular day in the year. And of course there is the popular notion that if you are rich, and can afford to live it up, you can party everyday. So there is no need for an excuse to party. 

There is probably one other underlining consideration. I do not like these emotional highs. It is no fun to fall back to earth with a thud after the party or celebration is over. I also find that instead of celebrating the occasion, I think more of the passing away of the other – be it the year, or season – and I find myself saddened. 

Whatever the reason or rationale behind it, I guess I am one of those who are not into celebrations. Every day is another day to me!

However, well meaning friends have invited me out for dinners and drinks the past week. Tonight will be another dinner and drinks evening. So I think that’s plenty of celebration.

It is also exactly a year ago – this day, that I started my blog. I hope whoever has the affinity to read it benefited from my blog, in some small ways. That will be satisfaction and reward enough for me. 


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