Saturday, 15 November 2008

You Are A Survivor

If sometimes you feel disappointed and angry at fate’s cruel ways.
If sometimes you feel life is unfair, as you struggle through trying days.
If sometimes you’re tempted, when fate knocks you down, and you don’t wish to get up anymore;
If you feel that it’s no use to stay in the game, to struggle and win as before . . .

Remember! You are a survivor! You will make it – somehow;
Don’t look too far ahead for tomorrow, just get through this day . . . live for now!
Remember that with each new tomorrow, you will leave some troubles behind;

With every sunrise a new day is dawning and feel certain on this day you’ll find . . .
That life is not always so cruel, the days, not at all times so long;
For after the storm comes a rainbow, and after the pain . . . comes a song!

- Author Unknown

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