Friday, 7 November 2008

Life Cannot Be Counted In Candles ...

I got this off a Birthday card from Hallmark 

Life cannot be counted in candles …

… or measured in number of years, it is counted in small joys and good times and laugh lines, as well as in heartaches and tears. 

… but in things done with effort and pride – with dreams followed boldly and hopes kept alive – in times when we have failed – but tried. 

… or measured in years that have flown – it is counted in kindnesses, close friends, and loved ones, and in all the sweet blessings we have known.


wilben said...

That is very nice I like that one too.

Sue said...

It is very lovely!

Netizen101 said...

Hello Wilben, and Sue,

Thanks for your comment. I am glad you like the aphorism.