Saturday, 27 June 2009

Relationship - Article

A relationship is how two separate humans subtly become one. If people have no idea what a relationship entailed, they will fail miserably.

All of us need love, care, attention and recognition to be emotionally, mentally and physically healthy. Therefore, we have to spend time, effort and energy to build up trust, love, and care that are the fabrics of a relationship. 

It is mainly through intimate, continuing companionship that we can be presented with another’s unique world and can receive an honest reflection of our own. 

Living happily together is essentially a business of being prepared to compromise. In our relations with one another there has to give and as well as take. Of course, there are bound to be occasions when we cannot see eye to eye and get on each other’s nerves. 

Since it is the nature of relationships to occasionally breed misunderstandings, it is essential to learn to look for the trouble spots. 

The following are some problematic areas:

When trust is broken, it is the end of the relationship. Lack of trust leads to suspicion, suspicion generates anger, anger causes enmity and enmity may result in separation.

Jealousy has ruined many intimate relationships. Each of us do not have exclusive rights to anyone and trying to cling on to one relationship is unhealthy because the tendency is to overload and overwork the relationship.

Creating space in your relationships means expanding your interests and having other relationships. It is not healthy to build your world around one person.

In any relationship we must be prepared to make changes and shifts in the relationship. This is necessary if you desire to build healthy relationships where both parties are allowed to grow and adjust to the changes.

People who apologize are not weak. It takes strength to admit that you are wrong. Apologize when you are wrong. All of us are wrong – plenty of time. It is foolish to let pride and insecurity keep us from saying so and patching up the friendship. Host of problems could be avoided by the use of one word – sorry!

A true apology is more than just acknowledgement of a mistake. It is recognition that something you have said or done has damaged a relationship – and that you care enough about the relationship to want it repaired and restored.

Two people who can keep love alive are the most special human beings on earth. That is why I find it so sweet and so touching when I see elderly couples hand-in-hand.

Their silence shows their togetherness and ease with each other. That’s the most formidable task - one of the things a couple has to constantly work on.

Any endeavour involving love should be experienced fully and with abandon. If it fails, at least we’ll know what doesn’t work and can try again.

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