Monday, 29 June 2009

What Is A Right ?

A Right to be able to express one's opinions is a fundamental principle to the thinking human. But that right of expression becomes a Burden to the human race when the opinion expressed suppresses and violates the rights of other human lives. 

The Right of Speech is important, but the right to live peacefully and maintain harmony with other members of the human race without the fear of threats, violence, suppression and prejudice is the predominant right above the right of speech. So when the right of speech is misused and becomes aggressive and abusive towards any particular person or group; the right of speech should be curtailed, stopped and condemned.

Why should a licence be granted for a Right of Speech to a particular person who speaks out and influence unstable and irrational members of the human race to act on an emotional rage against the Right of others to live peacefully in this already troubled and pressured world. 

Can a right to speak includes the right to abuse and cause harm to others? I think not. If a basic human right allows an abuse and aggression to human lives, then what is the value of human life? Who is there to protect and be protected?

Get off the liberal platform and be more sensible in deciding the boundaries of the human rights of speech. Just because someone wants to speak and say something, then anything goes? The freedom of speech to express violence aggression hatred and prejudice is not a freedom, but a menace.

- Source Unknown 

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