Saturday, 29 August 2009

What Is The Purpose Of Life?

To know the purpose of life, you will first have to study the subject through your experience and insight.

First, you must understand the nature of man and the nature of life. Next, you keep your mind calm and peaceful. 

When these conditions are met, the answer you seek will come like the gentle rain from the sky.

Understanding the nature of man

As yet, man is still wrapped in ignorance. He does not know who he really is or what is expected of him. Man must make an effort to overcome ignorance to arrive at realization and Enlightenment.

Man must realize that what he is today is the result of an untold number of repetitions in thoughts and actions. He is continually in the process of becoming, always changing. And it is in this characteristic of change that his future lies, because it means that it is possible for him to mould his character and destiny through the choice of his actions, speech and thoughts. Indeed, he becomes the thoughts and actions that he chooses to perform.

Understanding the nature of life

Most people fail to realize that life is uncertain, but that death is certain. One way of understanding life is to face and understand death which is nothing more than a temporary end to a temporary existence. Recollections on death with the right mental attitude can give a person courage and calmness as well as an insight into the nature of existence.

Besides understanding death, we need a better understanding of our life. We are living a life that does not always proceed as smoothly as we would like it to. Very often, we face problems and difficulties. We should not be afraid of them because the penetration into the very nature of these problems and difficulties can provide us with a deeper insight into life. The worldly happiness in wealth, luxury, respectable positions in life which most people seek is an illusion.

The need for a religion 

To understand the real purpose of life, it is advisable for a person to choose and follow an ethical-moral system that restrains a person from evil deeds, encourages him to do good and enables him to purify his mind. For simplicity, awe shall call this system 'religion'. 

Practicing a religion is nothing more than the development of one's inner awareness, goodwill and understanding. It teaches a person how to calm down the senses, make the heart, and mind peaceful. The secret of claming down the senses is to eliminate desire which is the root of our disturbances. 

It is very important for us to have contentment. The poorest men who have learnt to have contentment may enjoy their lives far more than the richest people do. Everyone aims for happiness in life, yet experience shows time and again that its attainment is so elusive.

- Author Unknown 

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