Sunday, 21 November 2010


Life is the Great Initiation – a crossing of the threshold from non-existence to self-realization. Its rites consist of the vicissitudes of life, each with its symbolic value. Ultimate attainment is the integrating of the total experience into an order of personal understanding and meaning. - Validivar 

Life is a series of lessons. The quicker you learn, the more progress you can make upon your spiritual path. We are all spiritual beings and everything we experience presents us with an opportunity to learn. To be free, happy and fulfilled requires that we let go of the past, having learnt all we can from it, look forward to the future by holding on to our dreams, and live in the present. We can neither change the past nor predict the future; we can only have influence in the present. - Andy Baggott

As sacred and glorious as each daily sunrise, the journey of life offers us all lessons that subtly imbue growth in all levels of being. Manoeuvring through life, our nature will inevitably be sculpted by many things - the environment, our genetics, our family and friends, our luck. And challenges or bumps that form upon our roads will also play a role - dis-ease, relationship issues, death of a loved one, a feeling of dissatisfaction with a life path, or just a plain feeling of not connecting. For the courageous, the search to overcome these trials will lead to paths of healing, be it through naturopathy, conventional therapies, energetic modalities, yoga, Reiki, prayer, self exploration or even simply embracing adventure out in the world, travelling. - Millie Gounder-Flynn 

Life is not a prison and spirituality need not be an attempt to escape from life. - Anon 

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