Sunday, 14 November 2010

Spiritual Journey

The Spiritual Journey requires dedication, commitment and effort. There will be times when difficulties and self-doubts creep in, making the self exploration unproductive and a drudgery. 

Maybe these comments by fellow practitioners will help you through your difficult periods, and times of doubt. 

Light and Bliss to you on the Journey! 


Contemplate the workings of this world, listen to the words of the wise, take all that is good as your own. With this as your base, open your own door to truth. Do not overlook the truth that is right before you. Study how water flows in a valley stream, smoothly and freely between the rocks. Also learn from holy books and wise people. Everything – even mountains, rivers, plants, and trees-should be your teacher. - Morihei Ueshiba

The great teachings unanimously emphasize that all the peace, wisdom, and joy in the universe are already within us; we don't have to gain, develop, or attain them. We're like a child standing in a beautiful park with his eyes shut tight. We don't need to imagine trees, flowers, deer, birds, and sky; we merely need to open our eyes and realize what is already here, who we really are. - Anonymous

Give yourself permission to Trust your Higher Self and then simply begin doing so. Accept your mistakes, learn from them and you turn them into lessons. Don't let doubt hold you back. Take a deep breath and just keep walking. - Anonymous

Cause and effect, means and ends, seed and fruit, cannot be severed; for the effect already blooms in the cause, the end preexists in the means, the fruit in the seed. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is never too late. 
Even if you are going to die tomorrow, 
Keep yourself straight and clear and be a happy human being today. 
If you keep your situation happy day by day, 
You will eventually reach the greatest happiness of Enlightenment. 
- Anonymous


Carla M.T. said...

Thank you Vincent! :-)

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