Thursday, 4 November 2010


More toasts.

More than silver, more than gold
Are the good friends, new and old;
Giving freely from their store
So that I may have the more.
Sorrow for my troubles voicing,
Yet in my success rejoicing,
New friends, old friends tried and true
Here’s a toast from me to you.

I wish you health; I wish you wealth,
And may you always have true friends,
But never have cause to need them.

Here’s to the man who can smile through his tears,
And laugh in the midst of a sigh,
Who can mingle his youth with advancing years,
And be happy to live or die.

I wish you the strength of all elements. I wish you always:
- air to breathe
- fire to warm you
- water to drink and
- the earth to live in

Here’s wishing one and all
A life of joy and happiness
And may you rise from every fall.

Here’s to your health!
You make Age curious,
Time furious,
and all of us envious!

Here’s to the man who can bravely say,
“I have loved her all my life –
Since I took her hand on our wedding day
I have only loved my wife.”
Would we not praise him long and well
With the warmest praise that is,
The man who could boldly, firmly tell,
And stick to - a lie like this?

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