Monday, 13 August 2012

A Couple Of Jokes

No Gimmick

              A woman offered a brand-new car for sale for a price of ten dollars. A man answered the advertisement, but he was slightly sceptical. “What’s the gimmick?’’ he inquired.
              “No gimmick,” the woman answered. “My husband died, and in his will he asked that the car be sold and the money go to his secretary.’’

A Witness

             When defending his client in an assault case, a shrewd lawyer manipulated a witness into admitting that he had not actually seen the crime.
              “So,” the attorney snickered, “you say you didn’t actually see the defendant bite off this man’s ear?”
              “Naw,” the witness growled, “I didn’t see him bite it off. I just seen him spit it out on the ground!”

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