Monday, 8 October 2012

The Neighbour's Rabbit

A woman adopted a German Shepherd puppy and then bought a house and moved. She found out her new neighbour’s son raised beautiful rabbits, and she worried that her puppy might get into the neighbour’s yard and hurt or kill a rabbit. So she spent months and months training the puppy not to leave her yard, and on several occasions she even bragged to the neighbour at how well the puppy was doing with the training.

However, months later the woman happens to see her dog trotting happily back into the yard with a dead rabbit in his mouth! The woman was horrified, but she was so embarrassed that she could not bring herself to tell her neighbour what the dog had done. She decided to wash and dry the rabbit and then sneak back into her neighbour’s yard and put the rabbit back in a cage.

A week or so later, the woman ran into her neighbour at the store and the neighbour said, "Ya know a strange thing happened. One of my son's rabbits died of old age and he buried it in the back yard. Only to find it back in a cage a few days later!"

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