Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Lao Tzu, the Patriarch of Taoism

There are two paths leading to oneness with the Tao. The first is the path of acceptance. Affirm everyone and everything. Freely extend you goodwill and virtue in every direction, regardless of circumstances. Embrace all things as part of the Harmonious Oneness, and then you will begin to perceive it. The second path is that of denial. Recognize that everything you see and think is a falsehood, an illusion, a veil over the truth. Peel all the veils away, and you will arrive at the Oneness. Though these paths are entirely different, they will deliver you to the same place: spontaneous awareness of the Great Oneness. -Lao Tzu

Do you think that you can clear your mind by sitting constantly in silent meditation? This makes your mind narrow, not clear. Integral awareness is fluid and adaptable, present in all places and at all times. That is true meditation. The Tao is clear and simple, and it doesn't avoid the world. -Lao Tzu

Acting without design, occupying oneself without making a business of it, finding the great in what is small and the many in the few, repaying injury with kindness, effecting difficult things while they are easy, and managing great things in their beginnings: this is the method of Tao. - Lao Tzu

Chanting is no more holy than listening to the murmur of a stream, counting prayer beads no more sacred than simply breathing. . . . If you wish to attain oneness with the Tao, don't get caught up in spiritual superficialities. - Lao Tzu

Understand this if nothing else: spiritual freedom and oneness with the Tao are not randomly bestowed gifts, but the rewards of conscious self-transformation and self-evolution. - Lao Tzu

Worlds and particles, bodies and beings, time and space: All are transient expressions of the Tao. - Lao Tzu

Everything comes from That which cannot be named nor described because it its beyond man’s comprehension; but for convenience it is called Tao. - Lao Tzu


Peaches Ledwidge said...

Much to think about here, Vincent.

Netizen101 said...

Hi Peaches,

You are right. There's much to think about here. Simple but profound, these words would mean nothing - unless one has affinity with Tao, or unless one has some knowledge of spirituality, or is a practitional of spirituality.