Thursday, 11 December 2008


            Curiosity appears to be an innate drive that causes the human to follow a certain course of action. Formal psychology prefers to avoid labelling curiosity an instinct. Humans and less evolved beings are drawn to that which is not only unusual, but particularly impelling in the attention it arouses. However, if it were not for curiosity, we would never solve the mysterious, nor would we ever fathom the unknown. Curiosity also provides a safety factor in that it usually is accompanied by caution. The stranger is commonly approached with a readiness to flee or to ward off possible danger.

            But curiosity is not always accompanied by rationality. The exotic, the different, may attract, and, if there appears to be no cause for alarm, it is often accepted for what it appears to be. In this regard, many persons are drawn to the fanciful and become enmeshed in it, to their detriment.

- Source Unknown

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