Monday, 9 February 2009

A Shadow of the Light

It has been written that, “A glass of wine once lost a kingdom; a nail turned the tide of a mighty battle, and a woman’s smile once destroyed the homes of a million people.” So It happens that little things have at times changed the course of human events. And a legend also relates that the untiring determination of a tiny spider spinning a web in an old barn gave Robert Bruce of Scotland renewed courage to return to battle and thus succeed in his mission.

But the majority of us are not marked for such historical destinies and the role we play upon the stage of life may make little impression upon the tides of a nation’s progress. Yet who can say how much the little things we do today may deeply affect the tomorrow of someone we may never know?

Greatness does not always mean fame, wealth, or power. Greatness requires more than these trappings. It is that subtle something in the innermost recesses of the self which glows like a ray from an invisible candle shedding the light of illumination into the dark night, and leaving in its wake an unforgettable essence only the heart can comprehend.

- Merle A Allison 

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