Monday, 23 February 2009

The Way To The Perfect Life

Life demands that we grow in every way: mentally, psychically, and spiritually. We must develop our full potential as human beings and use these gifts for the benefit of ourselves and others. There is a perfect ideal for man to reach in life and the Cosmic directs, guides, and urges us along the path to attain this ideal. No experience in our life is insignificant. Each change and experience we have always has a purpose in moulding our character and bringing forward various latent aspects of our personality.

Like the rose in full bloom whose each and every petal must unfold, and so must every one of our faculties and abilities be developed.

When change and experience come into our lives, we should try to gain the most from what they offer. We should welcome certain changes from which we know we can gain much needed experience.

The way to the perfect life is something which we individually have to discover and then set out to master.

- Author Unknown 

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