Monday, 16 March 2009

Converting Thought Into Action

The conversion of intelligent thought into action is not an accidental or chance process. Such achievement comes only as the result of vigorous and sustained effort. Any thought, however rich in content and potential in design, must be supported by an active and purposeful endeavour in order to surpass the state of wishful thinking and find expression as a noble realization.

Within themselves, our most inspiring thoughts and noblest ideals are not a sufficient cause of great human achievement. They provide the necessary pattern or blueprint for further active response. Many great and noble thoughts have been allowed to lie dormant and ineffective simply because they were not related to one’s will and supported by an ernest effort.

The surest way to concert a thought into action is to act while the thought is still fresh and vigorous. The longer we confine a thought or impression within limits of theory alone, and fail to give it volitional expression, the easier it becomes for us to live with that thought and, at the same time, hold it in utter disregard. That lofty thought or idea which came to us with such vibrant life and creative potency, when neglected, tends to withdraw from us and will find a more suitable channel for its release. Whoever ignores the opportunity to make thinking creative loses a measure of respect for both the thought he had and for himself.

Great thoughts are much like fruit. When ripe, they must be harvested. This principle of timely action has been recognized and emphasized by leading thinkers of all ages. While they have expressed this concept in different ways, the essence of what they said on the subject was the same. “Whatsoever thou resolves to do, do it quickly. Defer not till the evening what the morning may accomplish.”

The conversion of a thought into action involves personal commitment to all the implications of the process. The thought must be clearly visualized and appreciated. That thought must be supported by a dominant desire to see it materialized. Then, the dominant desire must be backed by a strong and determined will toward action. The whole enterprise will succeed in the exact measure in which the agent involved works in harmony with cosmic forces.

- Author Unknown 

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