Monday, 2 March 2009

Names and Labels

There is a reason why I find this article interesting and worthy to post. However, I just couldn’t find the words to express my thoughts. Maybe at a later date, when my mind is not too cloudy, I will be able to express what I am trying to say. 

Things of themselves do not exist according to the distinctions by which mankind knows them. This applies also to mankind himself; and on this point as to the nature of man, the creation stories – in any religious scripture – provide a variety of comments.

To us now, it may seem that names for most things have been that way from the beginning; we assume (especially as children) that our part is only to discover and learn all those names.

Yet in their origin it was mankind who created them – constituting his world according to how he sees and labels pieces of it. True, the fashion of labelling changes; much that purports to be ‘new knowledge’ is really a new way of organizing how we look at things, what we look for, and therefore what we see. This applies not only to the physical world of science but also to the world of psychical or spiritual experiences.

- Edgar Wirt 

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