Monday, 30 March 2009

Secrets Of Nature

The lessons in life is contained in Mother Nature. In order to learn and benefit from these lessons, one has to be humble. One has to be calm, one has to put aside his ego and his assumed superiority. Only then can he gain greater ‘insight’ into the invisible realities behind the material appearances of creation.

Our objective senses are limited and can be faulty and do not lead us to the truth of actuality. It would be wiser to appreciate nature with our psychic or inner selves.

We need to attune ourselves with the cosmic life force – listen to the voice of existence flowing through air, water – all things as it silently speaks the language which knows no species, nor the barriers of time and space.

- Listen. Really listen with your psychic ear, can you hear the language spoken by a clear, flowing mountain stream? One can listen with the inner ear to any part of nature, be it an element or a friendly four-footed creature. Be still and know.

- See with the psychic eye. We need our inner light to help and guide us in seeing more clearly in the psychic world. See and appreciate the beauty of mother nature – the flowering of a rose etc…..

- ‘Keeping in touch’. Develop your intuition – your sensitivity, and your compassion. Sensibility is the most important step toward attunement of any form. Every human being wants to protect and is so concerned about his or her feelings that we tend to neglect those of the lower creatures of the earth. 

- Author Unknown 

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