Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Aims of Buddhism

Buddhism aims at creating a society where the ruinous struggle for power is renounced; where calm and peace prevail away from the conquest and defeat; where one who conquers oneself is more respected than those who conquer millions by military and economic warfare; where hatred is conquered by kindness, and evil by goodness; where enmity, jealously, ill-will and greed do not infect men's minds; where compassion is the driving force of action; where all, including the least of living things are treated with fairness, consideration and love; where life in peace and harmony, in a world of material contentment, is directed towards the highest and noblest aim, the realization of the Ultimate Truth, Nirvana.

The purpose of Buddhism is to attain Enlightenment. This is the individual road to salvation. Salvation in Buddhism is an individual affair. You have to save yourself. Whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap! There is no God who could divert at will the law of karma. Karma is the child of ignorance which is the father of all human suffering. The cause of all suffering is desire; the cause of desire is ignorance.

Buddhism believes in the possibility of self-purification, attainment of desirelessness, only through self-control, self culture, self-discipline and self-realization, no external rites will help the attainment of inner purity.

As it is man who suffers the effects, so it is man who generates the cause and having done so, he cannot free the consequences. Every man is a moulder and sole creator of his life to come and master of his destiny.

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