Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Mystic

A mystic is anyone who had realized, if but for a few moments in a human lifetime, the fullness of his true nature, his own highest degree of spiritual consciousness, and who spends the rest of his life seeking to fulfil Truth through love, for no man is a mystic who has not known love in its indivisible essence. 

The mystic has also been defined as ‘One who through proper recognition of, and response to, the God of his heart, has found a rich and satisfying harmony between his inner most being and its ultimate source.’ 

While the mystic is well aware of his limitations and imperfections, he senses a great challenge on the path. One of the most exciting things to a mystic is a thrilling and justifiable anticipation of what he is in process of becoming. 

The mystic does not claim that one way of comprehending reality, of being at home in the universe, is superior to the other. He claims rather that for his fullest human hood, a person must approach them (understanding of some phenomena) from two different viewpoints. Each viewpoint by itself tells only half of the truth. 

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