Thursday, 10 September 2009

Twenty Stumbling Blocks on the Path to Enlightenment

It is hard for a poor man to be generous. 
It is hard for a rich man to learn the way to enlightenment.
It is hard to seek enlightenment at the cost of self-sacrifice.
It is hard to see the Buddha-world in the present world.
It is hard to hear the Buddha’s teaching in the turmoil of this world.
It is hard to keep the mind pure against the instincts of the body.
It is hard for a strong man not to use his strength to gratify his desire.
It is hard not to get angry when one is insulted.
It is hard not to desire that which is beautiful and attractive.
It is hard to remain innocent when tempted by sudden circumstances.
It is hard to apply oneself to study.
It is hard not to look down on a beginner.
If successful, it is hard to keep humble.
It is hard to get a good friend.
It is hard to endure discipline to make oneself a faithful practicing Buddhist.
It is hard not to be disturbed and upset by the external conditions surrounding us.
It is hard to teach others by being mindful of nature.
It is hard to attain a peaceful mind. 
It is hard not to get into arguments about religion.
It is hard to find and practice a good method.

- Author Unknown 


Sue said...

It seems like the stumbling blocks may be more than 20? Because I can think of others that I trip over...

Netizen101 said...

:-) True!