Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Who’s the Fool

Long is the night to him who is awake
Long is the path to him who is tired
Even so, long is the life to the foolish
who knows not the Sublime Truth - Buddhist Saying 

If a traveller does not come across anyone who is his superior or at least equal, let him keep his solitary journey firmly, for there is no use having the company of a fool.

“These are my sons; this is my wealth.” – such thoughts torment only a fool, who does not know that he himself does not belong to himself; much less his sons and wealth.

The fool who knows that he is foolish is wise to that extent. But the fool who considers himself to be wise is indeed a fool.

If a fool lives with a wise man all his life, he will be able to perceive as much of the truth as the spoon lying in the soup may perceive of its taste.

But if a man of understanding be associated with the wise even though for only a minute, he will soon perceive the truth, the tongue tasting the soup.

Fools are the greatest enemies of their own selves, for their foolish deeds bear bitter fruits for them.

That deed is wrong after doing which one repents and the results of which one receives with tears. And that deed is good after doing which one has not to repent and the reward of which one receives with a smile.

As long as an evil deed does not bear its fruits, the fool thinks it is honey, but when the deed bears fruit the fool suffers untold grief.

- Author Unknown 

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