Saturday, 5 March 2011


This might read like an article on Death, but it is actually a collection of quotes and excerpts put together. 

Avoiding talking, or thinking about death is not going to make it go away. We all come face to face with death at some point in our life, and the sooner we understand death, the better. 

People fear death and they live in some measure of denial, pretending that death is something that happens to other people. We don’t think about death enough, for if we do, we will know that there is nothing to fear about death, and perhaps we will be more appreciative of life then.

Death is the greatest of life’s teachers. It is only the ignorant and those who are afraid to live who fear it. The wise accept Death as their intimate friend and most gracious teacher. To be fully active an fully functioning as a person we must make death a life long friend.

             The most intensive contemplation of death will soften the hardest of hearts and pull down the barriers of caste, creed, race, pride and hatred for all of us are subject to the common destiny of death. Pride by birth, position, health and power, all must give way to inevitable death. 
              This contemplation would destroy all love for sense-pleasure and gives balance and a healthy sense of proportion to misguided senses of values. Truly this reflection would give strength, steadiness and direction to the erratic human mind which is constantly wandering without an aim. 

It is not death that we should fear. Rather it is the possibility of a life unlived that is the real tragedy. Perhaps the closer we come to understanding this, the more easily we will come to accept death, and the more fully we will learn to live here and now. - Leo Buscaglia

The single most important thing I've ever learned was that I'm going to die. For once you accept your own death, all of a sudden you are free to live. You no longer care except so far as your life can be used tactically - to promote a cause you believe in.

One can experience an unconditional affirmation of life only when one has accepted death, not as contrary to life, but as an aspect of life. Life in its becoming is always shedding death, and on the point of death. - Joseph Campbell 


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