Sunday, 17 April 2011


If prostitution is the oldest profession, gossip must be the oldest social past time. Let’s face it. We all gossip. There are few who don’t. The world will be very quiet indeed if people don’t gossip.

When we meet up with friends, what do we do? We trade information on what is going on in our lives, what has happened with us. And we inevitably ended up talking about other people as well - people who are associated with us - like, our mutual friends, colleagues, family etc. It is through this exchange of information that we are updated on the people, events, and things happening around us.

Generally, most gossips are just harmless digs at the expense of the people we know. There is no malice intended. Troubles start when we said more than we should - like when we pass sensitive information, or information that were meant for our ears only. 

So, a line must be drawn when gossiping. We must not divulge sensitive information. If you are unsure whether you should make known certain facts to all and sundry, don’t. If you think that a particular juicy piece of gossip might annoy or hurt someone, then, it is better to hold your tongue. Always be mindful of other people’s feelings, And another thing, no spreading of untruth when gossiping.

- Vincent Thnay

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